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You can now take a genetic test for cilantro preference

Cilantro may be one of the most polarizing herbs. Now, there is a service offered by DNA testing company 23AndMe that will test your genetics to see whether you are predisposed to hate the ingredient. The controversial plant is commonly used in South Asian and Latin American cuisine, and is either

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I can’t have sex because of agonizing condition

A woman has opened up about the painful condition which means she’s still a virgin in her mid-20s. Shelby Hadden is a 25-year-old documentary filmmaker, and she’s never had sex. Something of a rite of passage for most people, there are countless tales of awkward fumbling and underwhelming performances. But for Shelby, she’s

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Bar bans MAGA hats, face tattoos to ‘keep it classy’

A bar in Chicago has implemented a new dress code specifically banning “Make American Great Again” hats and face tattoos. The establishment said the move was made after “much consternation and consideration” to “maintain a ‘classy environment.’” The Replay Lincoln Park bar announced the “strictly enforced” rules over the weekend in

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